Let’s face it. The actual Super Bowl game isn’t the most exciting part of the day. The food, drinks, and memes are.

We live tweeted the game & engaged with users in real time to make their experience more extraordinaire.

We might’ve thrown a little shade here and there too…

Shying Away.gif

We decided to push the boundaries in how we work with a real-time social media war room during the Super Bowl.

War Room.png

The responses? Extraordinaire.


The results? Extraordinarily extraordinaire. We created 30+ pieces of unique content & responded 200+ times to users. In the end, we built tons of awareness -


Creative Team: Taylor Reeves, Kaylin Miranda, Reid Masimore, Jennifer Orr, Debbie Yoo, Greg Lanway

ECD: Ryan Blank

Strategy: James Hall, Kallista Koll, Riana MacKenzie

Account Director: Gabbi Baker